Starlight Site Operating Manual |  Account Basics:

Username and Passwords:

These are stated in the first paragraph of the welcoming email. Until you change them, they're needed to authenticate everything from FTP, to Email access, C-Panel, and MS FrontPage if you're using it. In short, use this Username and Password for any access you're attempting to your account.

Accessing your account via its URL or associated IP number

If you've just signed up to Starlight Site, chances are you've begun the process of a domain transfer to our servers. In all likelihood, it will take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours for all worldwide DNS records to reflect you domain name as pointing to our servers. While everything in our welcoming email refers to the domain you signed up, we recommended you use the accompanying "IP" number until you can verify your domain is actually answering to your new account on the Starlight Site servers. 

The IP we've provided you will soon be registered to your domain name.  Until such time as your domain is officially answering to our servers, you can use your new IP to access and setup your web site.  For example, if your assigned IP was, your welcoming email would provide the URL as an option for accessing your new account. Again, it's a great way to test all those features and make sure everything is functioning smoothly before launching your web to the world.

Accessing 1 Star and 2 Star "IP-less" accounts:

1 Star and 2 Star account packages are IP-less accounts. This means the IP is shared with several domains, as opposed to being dedicated to "one." There are a couple of small differences on how you access these accounts, and most notably how you access the them before your domain name is officially pointing to our servers. Instead of calling the account with a plain IP number, you call it with an IP and "your associated Username." Both of these were sent to you in your welcoming email. Let's try an example:

Your username is frank
Your IP is

To reach your account via the web, you would call this site as: Don't forget the ~ before your name! Also remember that the IP we're using in this case is an "example." Check your welcoming email for the IP number and Username, which was assigned to your account.  Once again, when your new DNS settings have propagated across the worlds DNS servers, you'll be able to access your domain by calling it the standard way, which is

Accessing your account via FTP:

These accounts are accessed in the generally the same way as a dedicated IP account would be. Again, if your domain name is not officially pointing to our servers yet, use the IP and Username, which was sent to you in your welcoming email. If you have additional questions regarding the ins and outs of FTP, please see our FTP support section, which covers it in broad detail.

Accessing C-panel:

To access your C-Panel account manager, you can login into it with:    (For name based accounts)
or (For IP-less accounts, but, change the IP number to the one we sent you)

Again, if your domain name is not pointing to our servers yet, calling it with your IP will enable access to your account.