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Starlight Site Operating Manual

The Starlight Site operating manual will assist in getting you familiar with the many features we have to offer. Whether you're looking for a quick start to uploading your files, or would like to familiarize yourself with our many advanced features, this manual provides easy to follow step by step instructions on just about everything you'll need to know. New users are encouraged to print this manual and read it over at their leisure.

Assuming you've just signed up with Starlight Site, you're probably wondering how to test out a few of the features and begin populating your web site with files. You're just a couple of steps from doing just that, but first things first. Your welcoming email contains the basic information you'll need to access your account and get things underway. Print it out, or open it up in a separate window, as you'll need to refer to it during these tutorials.

Table Of Contents:

 Account Basics:

  • Username and Password
  • Accessing your account via its URL or associated IP number
  • Accessing 1 Star and 2 Star IP-less accounts
  • Accessing your account via FTP
  • Accessing C-panel

Where to upload your files / Configuring FTP:

  • The Home Directory
  • The public_html and the www directory - (Where web-accessible files are placed)
  • Configuring Cute FTP
  • Configuring WSFTP

Understanding the web site file system:

  • index.html and why you should use it
  • Understanding case sensitivity
  • Uploading your files in the correct mode (ASCII or Binary)?
  • The difference between ASCII and BINARY
  • Setting your FTP client to automatically detect ASCII and Binary file transfers
  • File Types and how they control the behavior of your files
  • FTP and FrontPage (What you should know)

CGI scripts and Server-Side Includes:

  • Where to place your CGI scripts
  • The path to Perl
  • The path to Sendmail
  • Setting directories within your cgi scripts
  • Understanding File Permissions
  • Setting File Permissions
  • Warnings and Security Issues
  • SSI and .shtml

The ins and outs of DNS and how it affects your domain:

  • Understanding DNS and Name servers
  • What is DNS?
  • Where are all of the DNS records kept?
  • Changing your Name Server settings, so your domain points to your Starlight Site account
  • Accessing your domain manager
  • The 3 to 4 day propagation period - Understanding what happens during this time frame
  • Where do the Root Name Servers receive their information from?
  • DNS Cache and your ISP
  • The DNS propagation process is not limited to ISP's!
  • What to expect during this 2 to 4 day propagation period
  • Side effects that can be expected during the propagation time frame
  • Checking your DNS update status (outside of your ISP)
  • Working on your account during the DNS propagation period

Setting up and managing Sub-Domains:

  • What's a sub-domain and how do they work?
  • Setting up and managing a sub-domain
  • Independent cgi-bin
  • Sub-Domains and email

Setting up Domain Email:

  • Pop Email Accounts
  • Setting up and configuring
  • Default Email Address Setting up your catch-all, and Avoiding Spam
  • Email Auto Responders Configuring
  • Filtering incoming email Setting up Filters for abuse
  • Email Forwarding Setting up and configuring
  • Using C-Panel WebMail to Access your Email accounts using the web- based mail reader



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