Terms of Web Hosting:

Here are the terms that go along with your account. Signing up for service indicates that you have read and accept these terms.

The Service:
StarlightSite will provide you with web space and e-mail account space on one of our servers. You can use this space for a web site.

Use Of The Service:
You may use the service to host your web site, setup email, run scripts that are related to your site, and upload information to the service that is related to your site. You may not send out email to persons that are unknown to you or use USENET to advertise your site. If we receive any complaints from our providers or other members of the Internet that you have sent "spam" your account will be turned off until we receive assurances that it will not happen again. If it does your account will be terminated.

You may not use the service in any way that will cause an interruption of services to other users. We will terminate any scripts that are causing problems and will terminate an account if we feel that it is having repeated adverse effects on other users.

You may not use the service for anything that is unlawful in the United States. If you do so your account will be terminated and you will defend StarlightSite Internet Services from any action that is taken by third parties or government agencies. You will also pay any damages suffered by StarlightSite Internet Services that have resulted directly or indirectly form your unlawful activity.

You must keep a working backup copy of everything you have on the server. StarlightSite may not be able to restore lost data from our backup system and is NOT reasonable for any lost data.

Availability of the service:
The Internet is a complex network of equipment and for that reason the service may not be available to you at all times. We will do everything in our power to maintain availability; however, a certain amount of down time can be expected. In no way shall StarlightSite be held liable for any interruption in service. Your sole remedy if you are not satisfied is to move your domain to a different provider. Should you not be able to reach you site please contact us at support@starlightsite.com to report the problem. We will repair the problem as soon a possible


You will be sent a notice via e-mail at least 30 days before your payment is due, and will be expected to pay upon receipt. If you fail to pay your invoice your site may be turned off for nonpayment. If your site is turned off for nonpayment more than once in a 12 month period you will be charged a $25.00 reactivating fee.

You are hereby notified that if you fail to live up to your obligations under this agreement we may turn your account over to a collection agency and a negative report may be sent to a credit reporting agency.

You may cancel your account at any time with 14 days notice. We may cancel your account if you fail to comply with all the terms of this agreement, terms posted on our web site or other terms that have been set to you via e-mail. We may also cancel your account by giving you 4 days notice.

Your hosting fees will be refunded on a pro-rated basis.

Limited Liability:
StarlightSite 's liability is limited to the total amount of fees that you paid in the past 12 months of service. This includes all attorney fees and court costs.

This contract is written under the laws of the State Of Oregon. Any litigation arising from the service or this agreement will take place in Portland, Oregon, USA.

If any part of the agreement or other terms are ruled unenforceable, the remaining parts of the agreement remain in effect.

That's it... If you agree to all the terms just click here and you will be able to fill out the order form and have your account setup in no time flat.


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